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Aluminun Die Casting Household Appliance

  • Aluminum Die Casting Anodized Ashtray
  • Aluminum Die Casting Anodized Ashtray
Aluminum Die Casting Anodized AshtrayAluminum Die Casting Anodized Ashtray

Aluminum Die Casting Anodized Ashtray

  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Finish: Anodized Yellow
  • Product description: Aluminum Die Casting Ashtray - We provide one-stop Metal Parts Solution include mold design, manufacturing, aluminum die casting, machining and surface treatment and so on.

Aluminum Die Casting Household Appliance

We offer one-stop metal parts solutions for our customers such as aluminum die cast, CNC machining service, surface treatment and sub-assembly works.

Name: Aluminum Die Casting Ashtray

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Manufacturing process: high pressure die cast + pressing + CNC machining + surface treatment

Finish:  Anodized Yellow

YCH is aluminum die cast plant, with in-house mold design and making, casting, secondary machining, one-stop solution for various surface finish.

The benefits of aluminum high pressure die casting process:

▲High level of customization.

The technology used by our company allows the production of complex designs and provides us with the ability to customize the castings to match your specifications perfectly.


Aluminum die casting is not only easily customizable but also very fast and efficient. Therefore, we can supply you with high-quality parts at a rate that will increase the overall efficiency of your production line.


The fact that die casting aluminum parts are lightweight and well strength makes them used in various of industry application.

▲Corrosion resistance.

Aluminum alloy offer a high rate of corrosion resistance, which increases their range of uses.

▲Low cost.

Aluminum die castings is much more competitive than other aluminium castings (Gravity die casting & Low pressure die casting)

Industries using aluminum die casting parts:


Marine Parts

Aerospace Parts

Automotive Parts

Consumer Electronics


Networking and Telecommunication

Handheld Devices

Production procedure:

1. Designing drawing

2. Opening mould

3. Die casting (Aluminium alloy or Zinc alloy)

4. Precision machining

5. Surface treatment: burring, polishing, electroplating, plated chrome, silver, golden, sandblasting, painting, anodizing, powder coating etc.

6. Inspection and packing

How to Get a Quote:

In order to ensure the quote you get is accurate, you will need to answer the following questions:

1. Do you have a sample, detailed drawing, or a 3D model of the part you need?

2. What is the weight of the part?

3. What kind of alloy do you want to use?

4. What is your estimated annual usage (EAU)?

5. Do you have any secondary processing requirements (finishing or machining)?
If yes, provide their descriptions.
6. Are there any specific tolerance requirements that the product must meet?
If yes, please include a list.
7. What is the limit wall thickness of the part?
If you are not sure about the answers to some of these questions, our experienced agents will provide you with a detailed consultation and advice.

Welcome to send your design to us, get the professional quotation immediately!